Webweavers first homepage circa 1995


Webweavers first launched back in 1994 , the pioneering days of the WWW.  We were instrumental in the formation of Bournemouth Internet and indeed first brought the internet, email and the fledgling World Wide Web to many companies throughout the UK.

We designed the first RNLI website, the first Sunseekers website, The first BusinessLink website, the first Merckx web, and indeed many , many sites which can be seen from our very dated (but were proud of it) WEBWEAVERS HOME PAGEfrom 1996!

RNLI first website Circa 1996

We registered millions (well hundreds) of domains, including, BMW.co.uk and brought one of the worlds first online shopping facilities, The Bournemouth Mall,  to the Internet long , long time before Ecommerce was a even glint in Tescos eye!  We developed the “Mall”  in VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) which was the precursor to present dayVirtual Reality 360 and Google street View as you know it today.

Webweavers Client List circa 1995




We have been away and have now returned to offer Ecommerce and VR360 imagery. We have completed 360 tours of The Metropolitan Roman Catholic Cathedral, Christ the King in Liverpool and  Bournemouth AFC. So now were back with a bang and already through word of mouth only have been commissioned for Two nightclub/restauarant sites, One hotel and reservation website, One Beautician site, including appointments schedule and a series of Printer Cartridge drop shipping websites, including a comprehensive printer/cartridge searcheable database.

Sunsekker Yachts First Website


Predator 80 WebPage circa 1996

Thats basically who we are, not many of us, small but perfectly well formed!